Model S

Model S

Convenient Height

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Product description
Toilet bowl height: 20"
20" measured from finished floor to top of bowl
21" measured from finished floor to top of toilet seat
Toilet seat included: Yes. Slow-close, no-slam
Dual flush technology: up for less water, down - more
Fully glazed trapways for smooth flushing surface
Elongated bowl shape: standard compact elongated
Designed for residential installations. Pro install time: 1hr
Aging in place, mobility, accessibility, post-surgery
Compatible with physical therapy guidelines
Measurements and information
Bowl height: 20 inches (50cm) floor to top of bowl
Compatible with elongated toilet seats and bidets
Installation rough-in: 12" (US standard)
Toilet tank height: 16"
Water consumption: 1.28 gallons per flush or less
Dual flush: lever up for less water, down for more
Fully glazed trapways with glaze applied to the trapway (the passageway inside the bowl) for a smooth surface that ensures a strong, complete flush
Two piece toilet with sturdy bowl and tank connection
Color: white
Toilet seat color: white. As shown in product images
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